Salutations, reader. I’m grateful that you’ve come to join me.

This is my blog, which I have lovingly entitled The Decluttering Project. Many people have assumed that this would be a project about cleaning one’s basement or kitchen. But rather, it’s about tidying up one’s brain.

In July of 2017, I started my first blog, Memoirs of a Cluttered Headspace. It was there that I documented my first few attempts at recovery from my severe Anxiety & Depressive Disorders. I provided myself with a place to tell open and honest stories about what was going on inside of my head after hiding it for so long. It was cathartic and empowering- but it didn’t help me recover.

I quit Memoirs of a Cluttered Headspace in August of 2018, when I experienced a traumatic event that led me to be diagnosed with PTSD. What little progress I had made with my mental health seemed to be gone completely, and I was feeling hopeless.

I needed to be doing something different.

A year later, I think I’ve finally cracked the code.

I’m creating this new edition of my mental health blog with the intention of it being completely focused on recovery.

I hope that I can build a community of people who are dedicated to their wellbeing.

I welcome you to put your happiness before your relationships, career, and even your education.

I welcome you to surrender.

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